An unknown author and his insights about Stockholm

An unknown author and his insights about Stockholm

An unknown author and his insights about Stockholm

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At the birth of freedom of expression in the 19th Century, Europe was a rather peaceful place. A traveller, a Frenchman, an unknown author, who had finished his duties in Hamburg decides to enter a steamboat in order to visit Sweden and its capital. The year is 1844 and the month is September, and it is the time of the coronation of King Oscar I. The event is of special interest for a Frenchman, since the soon to formally become king was born in France and did not visit Sweden until he was 11 years old. It is said that it was Napoleon that came up with the name Oscar when he was born.

However, what was planned to be a few weeks’ journey just for the coronation turned out to become a six months stay in Stockholm. Where the traveller with sharp eyes and loads of humour describes everything from the majesty of the coronation to the secret, sometimes obscure, pleasures of the Stockholmers in general at this time.

However, the insightfulness also has a sharp edge, where the newly won freedom of expression is put to the test. This is probably the main reason why the traveller as an author used a pseudonym. Especially since the people of his home country had to wait about 40 more years to gain this fundamental freedom.

An unknown author – who was he?

But then, who was he, this traveller, this curious discoverer of Stockholm’s inner domains and its social life? Here are some clues:

  • Born in the southern part of France.
  • Traveller in Europe
  • A resident of Paris in the middle of the 1840s
  • Probably an author that has published more books
  • Educated in the Technological Institute of Paris
  • Liberal
  • 25-40 years old in 1844

So, who do you think he was the author of this book according to the points above? If you know anybody that is characterised by at least four of these criteria, please send us the answer and sources, and we will send you the book for free on your preferred language (Swedish or English) after it has been published!