Designing a Brand Story strategy for dynamic Interaction

Designing a Brand Story strategy for dynamic Interaction

Designing a Brand Story strategy for dynamic InteractionStories and storytelling is a handiwork designed to engage with the human mind. While data is its own form of poetry, in the first step mostly workable for computersUtforma en varumärkesstrategi för dynamisk interaktion and digital applications, to in the next step make them be able to assist you to simplify tasks in your everyday life and working life. Data is thereby for simplification and measuring. While storytelling can open new horizons for people and engage to improve and reach goals. This power can also be refined to work for the benefit of your organisation and your personal brand. In this spirit, content marketing has been proven to be an effective way for business communication. But what differs the failures from the successes?

Dynamic Interaction

Research from the Content Marketing Institute targeting the B2B-market shows that 89% of the responding businesses are using content marketing, where 63% are “very” or “extremely” committed to the method, but only 28% sees it as a “mature” marketing method. Only 22% value their approach as “very” or “extremely” successful. The conclusion of the research is that the main difference between the successes and the failures is the presence of a documented content marketing strategy. 61% of the successful content marketers had a documented strategy. 72% of the successful content marketers believe it is the content marketing strategy that is the engine of the success.

Designing a Brand Story strategy

So then, what are the basics for designing a content marketing strategy for instance in the form of a brand story? First of all, you have to identify your target group and where you will find them in the digital world. Secondly, find out how to best interact with your audience. Thirdly, find out which form of contents and messages to use reach the purpose with your content marketing strategy. Nevertheless, this is a very brief overview of what is required to design a documented strategy for a brand story or other form of content marketing.

For more hands-on- and detailed description to support your design efforts the 6i-Model that I describe and put into practice in my book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” is a well-performing approach. Even if the book is about learning design, the 6i-Model’s six stages work perfectly for most forms of projects. Where creativity is the main driving force and the approach is human-centric. One example is a content marketing strategy.

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