My story about the next trend in publishing

My story about the next trend in publishing

Below follows an excerpt of my story about the next trend in publishing. The full story is published on including quotes from my book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody. In October-November the new service European trends will be launched.

trend in publishingExcerpt FRom My STORY about the Next TREND IN PUBLISHING on INTERAQTIVE.COM:

What is the next big thing in publishing? Which is the next publishing format that goes viral, that almost everyone wants to use, and many do? My answer five years ago, in the shadow of the streaming audiobook evolution, was interactivity. Welcome to my story about the development of our interactive books platform.

While the audiobook-streaming platforms offer improved distribution, and convenient business models for the user and the business, not that much the authors or publishing houses. The concept of interactivity focuses on empowering the content and in this way improve the experience for the user, both when it comes to engagement and learning.


The packaging for this interactivity I very quickly identified as one of the most ancient formats, namely the book. Since in my view, all books include forms of learning and engagement in a well-structured way.

At that time, at the beginning of the development process of the platform for interactive books, I already had about 12 years of experience developing learning modules on different platforms. While the market consisted generally of dedicated teachers and education departments in businesses that were keen on learning about the new opportunities. But especially the public administration in the municipalities, the ones with the budget, they directed their focus on so-called LMS (Learning Management System). These systems like e.g. First Class that was mostly for administration purposes, and often with very expensive licenses.

In 2017 my book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody was published. Even if it was published four years ago almost everything is up to date and still useful in the book. In this spirit, it is a perfect guide of how to integrate interactivity and develop interactive books, both for inspiration and the craftsmanship. The book starts with the following words:

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