European Trend Analysis

European Trend Analysis


In this age of transformation into the digital age. We are analyzing the progress in Europe, not the conflicts, but instead the trends, innovation and what is around the next corner of the development.

Watching all the nuances of Europe transforming into the digital age through a kaleidoscope the IBIAm, InteraQtive Business Intelligence Analytics Model.

Using the web with European tools #webtools #European #digital

Education for a prosperous working life in the Digital Society #studies #Europe #liberalarts #EU #skills #human #trends

Amsterdam ousts London as Europe’s top share trading hub via @financialtimes

Hungary and Poland are brazenly threatening the EU’s foundational values. The compromise over the budget that the Union has reached with the two countries reflect a mistaken belief that this threat can simply be wished away.

Trust has increased in EU but dropped in national governments: Survey #EU

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