European Trend Analysis

European Trend Analysis


In this age of transformation into the digital age. We are analyzing the progress in Europe, not the conflicts, but instead the trends, innovation and what is around the next corner of the development.

Watching all the nuances of Europe transforming into the digital age through a kaleidoscope the IBIAm, InteraQtive Business Intelligence Analytics Model.

2022 Investment Trends: Green Energy | European Innovation Council

Craft Beer Market in Europe: 6.20% Y-O-Y Growth Rate in 2021 | By Product, Distribution Channel, and Geography - F...

Debate on the Future of Europe continues ✊🏻

Great enthousiasm With Ciudadanos today in Barcelona.

My plea: we drop unanimity.

Ineffective politics leads to weaknesses we can no longer afford ! via @FacebookWatch

3 ways to reduce geopolitical risks in the food system via @wef

Euro zone consumer confidence rises to -21.1 in May

Going Beyond Burgers, European Startup Makes the Impossible: Plant-Based Steak via @triplepundit

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