After Corona Lockdown a Bordertraveller Renaissance awaits

After Corona Lockdown a Bordertraveller Renaissance awaits

After Corona Lockdown a Bordertraveller Renaissance awaits

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Safety first is the common response of the authorities in most parts of the world to combat the corona pandemic. As the light in the tunnel is approaching after the Corona lockdown and the restrictions will be locked up, it will be time for the society to genuinely open up again. In this spirit, the attention to travel, entertainment, and other adventures will fast catch-up speed. Since new experiences will be the main driving-force after a year of more of the same that you already had experienced before. Nevertheless, dark clouds are at the same time waiting by the horizon.

Crossing new borders

Exploring, take on challenges, open up the mind, crossing borders, activity, social interactivity, and standing up against opponents to these approaches. These are some of the things bordertravellers do. In a spirit of that the only purpose of a wall is to be able to tear it down. In the book, Bordertraveller stories, both well-known people from the European history and ordinary people are taking on such challenges in goodlands and badlands, in wealth and poverty, in freedom, and in imprisonment.

After Corona Lockdown

The energy that a locked-up society generates will be redirected from what the authorities want, to what you as an individual want. But never forget that there are opponents of such an open society that like wizards tries to swing their magic wands over people’s heads and with populist headlines try to empower themselves. Anyhow, during the pandemic, these people and organisations have been suspiciously quiet, mostly since a lockdown society is their utopia, their sweet dream of how others than themselves should live. But also, that problem-solving is not something they know much about, especially when the solutions concern others than themselves.

However, when the light by the end of the tunnel now can be noticed, a Bordertraveller renaissance awaits driven by hope, adventures, social interaction, and love. It is our mission to make this happen since where the populist, the opponents of the open society’s scope ends, life begins.

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