With the back towards the past – timeless stories

With the back towards the past – timeless stories

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They were eight in total. Eight intrusive stories, seven that tackle timeless social phenomena. In which the injustice of history has been so strong that once it has been knocked out, it takes on a new shape, and comes back in all its fustiness. Therefore, in most cases, these timeless stories progress from at least two perspectives to reveal the inner essence of the disease. Like in the story the Shard where fluttering tongues talk about integration and humanism but indulge in an artificial nationalism. It is a society whose form excludes the unauthorized, and then happily blames these individuals for standing outside of the society.

With the back towards the past - timeless stories

Or as in the story Vultures, which digs deep into the problems of working life. Where the fear of change can generate the most peculiar excuses and activities to support an outdated configuration. This is particularly evident at a time when digitalisation and globalisation and so on, are building the foundations for a new form of society beyond the dust of the industrial society.

Other social phenomena hidden in the Bordertraveller stories are borderless love and its anomalies. Or how you like Martin Luther can point out irregularities and then become the prisoner of your own story and the consequences in a social transformation that is now taking place. And then Greece, the cradle of European civilization, whose mystique and beauty became the inspiration for beginning to write this book.

The entire collection of short stories is framed by an atmosphere of salt, as it begins with A taste of salt on a peaceful day on the beach and ends with a shipwreck that leads back to land with tentative steps. We must all make this journey because the old industrial society is today a lost world.

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