Freelance Writer & B.I. Analyst

Now my new book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” is available in a growing number of eBook stores. The printed version of the book is on the way out in the bookstores.

Click here for more information about the book

I’m also offering lectures and workshop based on the book and 13 years experience from the field. Click here for more information





Collection of short stories that was published February 2016 (in Swedish) by B-InteraQtive Publishing

it is now being translated into English with the title “Bordertravellers” …




+ Researcher and freelance writer
+ Author with books like “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” and “Gränsfarare”
+ Tweet on @elearningworld

Writing about Nationalism, European Development, Digitalisation, Education



+ Author of the book “Lärande för alla sinnen – Handbok om eLearning – pedagogik och integrering” (in Swedish)
+ Developing with a great collection of articles and analyses of modern learning
+ Consulting assignment e.g. Institute of Foreign Affairs and Karlshamns Kraft/E.ON
+ Professional skills: eLearning, business intelligence, regional and European development, Digital (R)evolution
+ Master of Politics specialised on European Politics at Stockholm University, including besides Political Science, also Economic History and Media & Communication.

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