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Boström Consulting transforms the business

eLearningworld Europe AB now takes over all parts that concerns education and eLearning from Boström Consulting. Please visit eLearningworld Europe AB and the subsidiary B-InteraQtive Publishing for more information. Boström Consulting thereby will refine its business as an IT-consultant and business intelligence company. Boström Consulting focus on IT-Consultant projects/assignments for your cost-efficiency and also work as with freelance…
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March 11, 2015 0

About BC

Boström Consulting is owned by LarsGöran Boström. IT-Consultant, Research, and Freelance Writing Published new book: “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” and his collection of short stories in Swedish “Gränsfarare” is now being translated into English with the title “Bordertravellers”. Competence: eLearning, knowledge management, business intelligence/analysis, regional and European development, web development. Education: Master of Politics…
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June 18, 2010 0
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