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BC Blog

From managing information to knowledge creation

Knowledge is power! However, today this is a truth with modification since knowledge becomes outdated much faster than before. Consequently, you will gain less if you save the knowledge in your own hideouts. The challenge for companies and the public ...

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Five Entrepreneurial Competencies required for the Digital Society

The digital revolution gives fuel to the creative revolution. This creates the foundation for the shift of paradigm, where it is not any longer the best adapted that will reach the longest but most creative. In this spirit a career that ...

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Brand Management transforms to Brand Publishing

Brand management is a 20th Century term that is now transforming into the sharing economy. The outcome is that the broadcasting of values and design and events is becoming more of publishing of engaging content and collaboration with an audience. ...

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Building an Engaging Business – Go Aim Make Entertain

What will make your business rock? Make your customers, clients, visitor stay longer, buy more and enjoy doing it? As a matter of fact “doing” is really the keyword for the solution. This leads us to the Maker Market, which ...

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Create a Medici-effect with knowledge management

In my book Learning for all senses (only available in Swedish at the moment) one chapter is about components and functions that an effective knowledge management system consists of after today’s prerequisites and possibilities. In this chapter the central importance ...

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